NOHO agency was founded in 2006, and started of as a distributor & an agency for the various outdoor & active dogsport brands.

When we started of our company we were only responsible for The Netherlands. After a couple of years Belgium and Luxembourg were added to our territory. In the same period we decided to only work as an Agency, and no longer as a distributor.

Besides the ‘normal’ tasks as an agency (building and establishing a brand, giving support to shops) we are in charge of newsletter & social media for the various brands.

2014 marked a turning-point for NOHO agency; time to focus! Our brandportfolio has been steadily growing bigger over the years, with lots of overlap between the different brands.

With just 2 brands (EQDOG & Owney Outdoor) we believe we are able to offer a wide variety of products and are able to give these 2 brands the dedication they deserve.